Up Close and Personal

Come watch a game, right on the edge of the field. Hear the galloping hooves, merely feet away while you tailgate with family and friends. When the chukker ends and the excitement subsides, refill your glass and play a game of catch with the children on the lawn.  At halftime, walk onto the field and stomp the divots, helping put the upturned grass back into place. Take a look at this list of tips to help you prepare for a thrilling day at the Daniel Field Polo Grounds.


The Basics

  • Pavilion access is $300 per person. Click here to buy tickets.
  • Gates open at 11 a.m. for patrons
  • There will be two four-chukker polo matches


This year's tickets include:

  • Full VIP Tent access
  • Big-screen TVs for college football
  • Full catering, including an Argentine Asado
  • Live music
  • An open bar
  • A cigar bar
  • And more! Stay tuned...


What to wear

Since this is a charity tournament, come dressed to impress. Ladies, break out those fancy hats, flowing sundresses, and elegant shoes. Men should dress equally as debonair, maybe in seersucker or linen pants, topped off with a stylish fedora or bowtie.

How to cheer

The louder the better. Pick a team, player, or even a pony, and let them know often that you want them to win. Players will usually allow their biggest fans to take a picture with them.

Where to park

Follow the signs to the designated parking area. Please leave at least 20 feet between your car and the field’s side boards. Horses may jump over the boards during the game, so they will need enough space to safely land.


What about pets?

While we understand that pets part of the family, we ask that you leave them at home to ensure the safety of the horses and all our guests.


Can we meet the ponies?

The players would be glad to show you around. Keep in mind that polo ponies are athletes, so they are focused on their game. Approach them only when you are with a player, or staff.

Get your tickets here!

Pavilion Access is $300 per person